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  • by Nick Sarac on September 4, 2020

What Does It Mean To Be A Switchee Customer?

We often get asked about how our sales and customer success teams work together. So Nick (Head of Customer Success) tells you everything you need to know.

Firstly, what is Customer Success?

This is a fair question. It’s a relatively new function, made popular primarily by SaaS companies in the past decade or so, which means that many of us are not that familiar with it.

Put simply, the primary focus of Customer Success is ensuring our customers realise the maximum value from their investment in Switchee. We are your representatives and voice in everything Switchee does to improve the lives of people who live in rented accommodation.

One thing Customer Success isn’t is Sales, which is a function most of us are familiar with, whose primary focus is on new customer acquisition.

Why does Switchee need Customer Success?

The majority of products bought and sold in our sector are commoditised. A Housing Association wouldn’t need a 12-month pilot to decide whether to equip their properties with boilers and radiators. Everyone understands what they do, how to install them and use them, and the value they bring to the residents. So the Sales team, combined with Customer Services and Operations, is normally sufficient to cover the entire customer journey.

But Switchee, and IoT in general, is a new technology. Last month we collected over 20 million data points for one of our customers. Great, but what does that actually mean? What can you do with that data? What kind of insights will you see? How can you use the Switchee features to make your operations more efficient? What kind of savings will you see? Is this technology right for you at this time? That’s also a fair question - just because smart technology exists doesn’t mean you have to have it. Bluetooth fork anyone? (yes, really)


We’re here to guide you through the pilot and answer these kinds of questions. We will use our experience from working with other Housing Associations and anticipate challenges you might face, proactively offering solutions and answers before they arise. We will act as your internal project coordinators and help you create a business plan. We will help you to prove the Switchee concept and the return on investment (ROI) with internal stakeholders - helping you make informed decisions on wider roll-outs, based on the actual results of the pilot.

Every Switchee customer has a dedicated Customer Success Manager, available by phone, email or video call to answer all of your queries - from simple enquiries about Switchee features to advice on adapting internal working practices to become more efficient. For wider-scale rollouts, your Customer Success Manager may be entirely dedicated to your account to ensure everything goes smoothly.

We are your voice at Switchee

What do you love about Switchee and want to see more of? What are you, your residents, or your installers struggling with? What can be done differently to give you more savings? Which additional insights and features would you like to see on the customer dashboard?

With the amount of time we invest with our customers, it’s only natural that Customer Success is instrumental in ensuring that everything we do as a company is customer-centric. We have many veterans of the industry on our team, but nothing can replace the feedback we get straight from our customers.

And a big advantage of working with a more nimble business, like Switchee, is that you aren’t just a customer buying a product off the shelf and having to adapt yourself to it. You are a partner who can influence our product development roadmap, and Switchee is your strategic partner rather than just a vendor. Want to see a new feature developed? Let us know! Many of our current features were suggested by customers.

I’ve only been with Switchee for a few months, but I’ve been delighted to find a group of like-minded people who are as passionate about helping customers succeed as I am. If you are a customer already or would like to learn more about what we can do together, just drop me a line.

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