How Digital Channels Can Help To Combat Disrepair

One of the main hurdles Housing Providers encounter when managing their properties is a lack of resident engagement. With the average cost of disrepair claims being between £1000 - £30,000, it is the added legal costs that most affect social landlord...

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  • by Adam Fudakowski on December 15, 2020

The Christmas Roundup

As 2020 draws to a close, we've put together a summary of our most popular content in case you missed any of it. It's been a great year for Switchee...

As 2020 draws to a close, we've put together a summary of our most popular content in case you missed any of it. It's been a great year for Switchee, despite the global challenges facing all us at the moment. We started by closing a £3m investment in April, led by Ingenious Infrastructure. This money is being used to further improve our offering to the sector.

Covid-19 put the brakes on our sales and installation activities in Q2, but Q3 & 4 saw a marked recovery. We are proud to now be working with 58 of the largest social housing providers in the UK.

Switchee has now become the leading player in the UK housing IoT space. For this, we were awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise, but are sadly still awaiting our covid-proof invitation to the palace from Her Majesty! We will shortly announce details of a deal with a UK provider that will see us installed in the majority of their 30,000 homes. For every £1 that they spend with us, they will save £2 and put £2 back in their resident's pockets... and the total savings from this deal are worth tens of millions of pounds.

In November we also commemorated the death of our dear friend and co-founder Ian Napier. Switchee forms a part of Ian's legacy. We find it motivating to know that the best way we can honour his life is to continue to do good by building Switchee into a big and successful, mission-driven enterprise.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.
Adam Fudakowski
Founder & Chief Executive of Switchee

Top 3 blog posts:

Whose Fault is Mould?: Everybody can agree that mould in affordable housing is a bad thing - but Tom looks into exactly why the causes of mould can be so controversial.

A Mould Bomb Is Coming: There is a mould bomb coming for social housing - Al talks about how lockdown has created the perfect storm of conditions for a critical blow to be dealt to housing providers.

The Unexpected Effects of Covid-19 on Housing Providers: Covid-19 took many of us by surprise, but Ben goes into the unexpected side effects that the virus has had on the affordable housing sector.

Top 3 podcasts:

Switchee Podcast Episode 1 - Noel Brosnan: In this episode, Al talks with Noel Brosnan, previously the Director of Asset Management at Octavia Housing. They talk about the climate emergency, what housing providers need to do to achieve net zero, decarbonising the UK's energy grid and the latest and greatest in energy saving technologies.

Switchee Podcast Episode 3 - Darren Turner: In this episode, Al talks with Darren Turner, the Transformation Programme Manager at Futures Housing Group. They talk about agile working in a post-covid world, Future's new corporate plan and how that affects their approach to housing and digital technology that is pushing the housing sector forward.

Switchee Podcast Episode 5 - Keith Simpson: In this episode, Al talks with Keith Simpson, the founder of the Direct Works Forum. They talk about how he got into housing, whether there are enough tradespeople to actually deliver Net Zero, how we can promote careers in housing maintenance and the evolution of the Direct Works Forum.

Webinar of the year:

Why The Affordable Housing Industry Worries About Fitness for Human Habitation: In light of the recent 2nd phase implementation of the Homes Fitness for Human Habitation legislation, that bought all existing tenancies under the legislation from the 20th March, Switchee brought together a panel of 3 industry experts to give their views and responses to some questions we hope you find of interest.

Social Post of the Year:


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