Communication with Residents Post-Coronavirus

As we start to get the coronavirus outbreak under control, now might be a good time to examine how communication with residents has changed during this period, how it might evolve and how this will ultimately benefit residents with an increased quali...

  • Mould
  • by Tom Robins on June 16, 2020

Whose Fault is Mould?

Mould |

Whose Fault is Mould?

Nobody wants mould. The consequences for all involved are too severe for anybody to actively try to create the warm and ...

Quantifying Social Value From Rectifying Mould

Tackling cold and damp housing is important. It has an association with a range of health conditions, from common colds ...

The damage mould does to a housing provider’s reputation

Everybody in housing considers the damage that mould does to a property’s aesthetics, to the residents who live there an...

Top 3 Misunderstandings about Mould Growth

Despite mould costing hundreds of millions of pounds a year to fix, there is still a ton of misunderstandings about its ...

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