Is Make Do and Mend the Right Approach?

The ‘Make Do and Mend’ approach has been the subject of debate for a long time. Many people question its effectiveness, while others recognise that it represents a well-intentioned effort to make sure all homes meet adequate standards. 

  • Disrepair
  • by Lauren Grimes on April 8, 2021

How Digital Channels Can Help To Combat Disrepair

Disrepair |

How Digital Channels Can Help To Combat Disrepair

One of the main hurdles Housing Providers encounter when managing their properties is a lack of resident engagement. Wit...

Is Digital Technology The Solution To The Problem Of Disrepair?

Disrepair is a huge cause for concern among Housing Providers. In 2017 it was found that an estimated 525,000 social hom...

The Unexpected Effects of Covid-19 on Housing Providers

With Covid-19 in full swing in the UK, it has brought with it a number of unexpected effects on affordable housing both ...

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