What Options Do Housing Providers Have When It Comes To Fuel Poverty?

Fuel poverty is not always a cut and dry issue in affordable housing. Whilst fuel poverty has plagued affordable housing almost since its inception, in recent years coordinated strategies have been put in place across nearly every housing provider in...

The Unexpected Effects of Covid-19 on Housing Providers

Asset Management |

The Unexpected Effects of Covid-19 on Housing Providers

With Covid-19 in full swing in the UK, it has brought with it a number of unexpected effects on affordable housing both ...

Three technologies that can save gas safety engineers time

Time is one of the most valuable things a gas safety engineer can save. It is the thing that they all lack whilst being ...

The future of gas safety in social housing

Gas safety engineers form the backbone of the maintenance teams for most social housing enterprises. They are some of th...

Smart Asset Management: From reactive to pre-emptive maintenance

For some time we’ve been thinking about how we can deliver an outstanding service for our customers and propose a vision...

Transforming the housing sector with IoT

The way humans communicate and deliver information has changed dramatically within the last two decades. Artificial Inte...

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